Sky Pirates of Eberron III

Sky Pirates: Chapter 3

The crew fights their way through a vengeful Kraken as well as crew of hired killers to make their way to Dragonreach. Once the site of a powerful alliance of dragons and wizards, the city is now the only form of civilization, surrounded entirely on the eastern border by the Wastes, a result of the dark magical fallout of the devastating war between dragons and mad wizards. Once in the city, the crew goes low-profile and learns that Cyrinnius has indeed taken the city, with his corrupt Mageguards bullying the populace and bringing in new, formerly illegal Warforged to work some of the mines. After a tussle with local law enforcement, the crew are whisked undercover by the rebellious denizens of a brothel, then led via secret tunnel to a path that leads out of the city, past the Weeping Wall, and straight into an abandoned Necropolis that Cyrinnius disappeared into weeks ago. After suffering the depredations of wizards gone mad in the form of hideously altered monsters and diabolical traps, the crew learns that Cyrinnius actually seeks to raise the Dread Legion, an army of nigh-unstoppable undead constructs. The crew finally manages to locate Cyrinnius’ mentor, a savage red dracolich within the bowels of the mountain. After a narrow victory, the crew pursues Cyrinnius into the Wastes, discovering that he as well has become a lich. After a lengthy battle, the crew manages to banish the lich and claim the dracolich’s hoard for themselves. At the end of the chapter, the crew learns that the sixth kingdom, Sanshido, has actually declared open rebellion and secession from the Empire as a whole. The next mission for the crew is to travel to this land and learn the details of their rebellion, with hopes of building and supporting and army powerful enough to finally stand against Emperor Augustus.



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