Sky Pirates of Eberron III

Sky Pirates: Chapter 2

After some time, the crew gains a reputation and a healthy price on their heads. While chasing down an Imperial airship, both the crew and the Imperial airship are shot out of the sky by a mysterious purple blast of energy that renders most magical items inert. Through quick thinking and a little luck, the crew survives the crash and washes up on a mysterious island. The crew fights their way through various monsters to find a dried-up lizardfolk village devoid of males. After winning the trust of the tribe, the crew learns that the Empire has some sort of fortress protecting a secret mine, and their dam has dried up the tribe’s marshland. The Imperials seem to have taken control of another tribe, this one comprised of Large bipedal felines. The crew presses on, coming into a a flooded and dying forest. The other tribe confronts them, convinced that the lizardfolk are in collusion with the Empire and that the crew are spies. Diplomacy wins the day, and the crew manages to ally with both tribes before performing recon on the fortress. Within the reservoir rests some sort of dragon, seemingly allied with the Imperials. Through excellent group attack tactics, the crew manages to slay the dragon, drive off the Imperials, and free the male members of both tribes from the mine. Upon furthur investigation, the crew battles a powerful wizard and his minions, managing to defeat them. The crew learns that Cyrinnius is somehow still alive, and is apparently working behind the scenes to grow a secret power base. The mine itself is a source of dragonshards.



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